Dayton Schools are Better, Thanks to Adil Baguirov

Adil BaguirovOne of the most active and effective members of the Board of Education for Dayton Public Schools in Ohio, Adil Baguirov has largely met and exceeded the expectations of the the voters who put him in that position in 2013. During his time on the Board, he has thus far been able to oversee an improvement in the technology available in the schools and he has helped to bring greater responsibility and accountability to the school district’s finances. One great example is the financing he secured, at just 2.06 percent, to replace Dayton’s aging and increasingly dangerous school bus fleet. He was able to secure 115 brand-new buses that are among the best available. They will also save money on maintenance because these vehicles come with a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Not only are the new buses much safer and more comfortable for the children, but they are also supported by students and parents. This is a common sentiment during Adil Baguirov’s four years on the school board for the second-poorest district in Ohio, which has more than 600 school districts. Before Adil Baguirov, the Dayton Public Schools were facing a state takeover. However, as a result of his and other board members’ efforts to modernize the schools system, the schools are the they have been in decades, to the point that they received an “A” on their last state report and no longer have to worry about a state takeover.

At the heart of his decision to run for the Dayton school board is Adil Baguirov’s desire to express his passion for his community. That passion is so strong, he will do anything to benefit Dayton. In fact, the key to a strong community lies in education and the key to education these days lies in both technology and fiscal accountability and responsibility, as well as student comfort and safety. it is why he does what he does.